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Advanced technology, Assurable quality, Authentic reputation

Origin and History of

The trade mark is the production of commodity producing and exchange of commodities developed into certain stage. It is a mark used to distinguish commodities or services sources. From ancient times to the present, the trade mark plays a very important role to the development of an enterprise.

Three-dimensional AAA looks like the wall of the Great Wall, like the appearance of the rack of the gear wheel, its red symbolizes courages to open up, to forge ahead and constant innovation . This is the trade mark of our company. Its first designer is our chief manager YU.

In 1988, our company planned to use " Great Wall " as company’s trade mark, but the Great Wall has already been registered, at that moment, our chief manager Yu finds that the appearance of the Great Wall on the Great Wall brand pencil and gear wheel are very similar. Just associated with this and we can use the disordered shape of the Great Wall as the trade mark , and then through the shaping, we registered the three three-dimensional capital character A as our company’s trade mark now.

Later, because our trade mark is very similar to the AAA credit grade identification, Wenzhou industrial and commercial bureau hope our Company change the trade mark. But because our company has registered it first , our company can just be kept this AAA trade mark.

The three-dimensional AAA like the wall of the Great Wall, like the appearance of the rack of gear wheel, it not only reflects features of our business we engaged in, as time goes on, but also the growth of the company has been endowed it a new meaning, AAA is performed and explained as the abbreviations of Advanced technology, Assurable quality , Authentic reputation. It is not only the AAA quality policy of our company, but also shows our commitment to the customer, at the same time it is also the foundation that the customer believes in our company.

Working idea: The products are in our hands, the customers are in our mind.

Enterprise’s spirit: Create, Consecrate, Comity.

Management theory: Client, Credit, Carve out.

Managing theory: Regard customers as the centre.

Management ideas : People first, having the courage to bring forth new ideas, pursuing being outstanding.

policy and goal:

1. quality policy Advanced Technology、Assurable Quality、Authentic Reputation;
2.The operation policy Further expanding the commercial network of domestic market, exploring world market progressively ;
3. Production policy: to meet the customers demands as the purpose , pursuing maximized production efficiency , minimizing the cost of production, and zero defected production.